The Canyon City Foundation (CCF) provides funding for innovative programs that serve as catalysts for community building in Azusa. Established in 2005, the Canyon City Foundation has granted $1,237,602 to local organizations.

The Foundation’s mission is to promote social welfare, education and the arts. This is accomplished by providing support to 501(c)(3) organizations and government entities that directly serve the community of Azusa. The Foundation recognizes that funding is limited and the needs of the Azusa community are larger than the Foundation’s ability to directly serve. Thus, the Foundation will give first priority to projects that increase community self-sufficiency and capacity. For example, community capacity may be developed by encouraging new leadership, enhancing volunteerism, expanding fundraising, strengthening partnerships, creating new sustainable programs and other ways of helping people help themselves. Building on Azusa’s existing community and strengths to create greater capacity for meeting community needs is the Foundation’s most strategic opportunity for funding.

The Canyon City Foundation was formed pursuant to the Rosedale development agreement between the City of Azusa and Monrovia Nursery Company. Monrovia Nursery Company generously contributed the initial $2.5 million funding. The Foundation fund continues to grow by receiving one-half of one percent from the resale price of the homes in the Rosedale community (Agreement), as well as any other fundraising efforts undertaken by the board of directors.

All grant requests are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.

Miles Rosedale, President Mark Dickerson, Member at Large
Marilyn Grinsdale, Secretary* Mark Ramirez, Member at Large*
Maricela Cueva, Member at Large Mercedes Castro, Member at Large
(*) Rosedale community resident

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